About the work

Jessica Van Hulle is a fine artist, illustrator and fashion designer. She specializes in creating unusual beauty whether it is in luscious traditional oil paintings of nudes, bizarre science fiction and fantasy characters or darkly glamorous apparel, costume, shoe and lingerie design.

Jessica Van Hulle's work draws inspiration from American Subculture and Art History. She is inspired by Steampunk, Gothic, Burlesque, 1940’s, Tribal Belly Dance and Burner style, and Alternative cultures in general. 

In her artwork, her use of dynamic composition, graphic silhouettes, rich colors, patterns and textures synthesizes artistic styles from the late Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Vintage Advertising and Pin-Up Art, and Pop Surrealism. She combines these interests with a contemporary illustrative aesthetic, bringing a fresh new outlook to whatever creative project she is working on mastering.

In her fashion design work, Jessica satisfies cravings for beautiful, well-made, interesting, strong and feminine clothing, costumes and lingerie that flatter grown women’s bodies. These garments are designed for women who want it all: love, beauty, success, creative expression, fun, joy and more.

About Jessica R. Van Hulle

Jessica Van Hulle was born in the middle of the night in San Francisco General Hospital in 1979. She grew up in Orinda, CA, but frequently escaped to Berkeley and San Francisco. Throughout her adolescence she extensively studied subcultures, psychology, mythology and world religions and was an avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy books.

She majored in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with a focus on creating story and emotion in her sci-fi/fantasy illustration and her realistic figure painting. She became a published freelance illustrator, while also exhibiting her fine art in galleries, in 2001 and received her B.F.A. in Illustration in May 2004.

Van Hulle is nationally honored for the fine draftsmanship and emotional richness of her art, having exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.  In addition to Illustration and Fine Art, Van Hulle added Fashion Design to her creative repertoire in 2007. She has been designing sexy Halloween costumes, lingerie and high heel shoes for several industry-leading international companies since then.

These experiences, artistic loves and philosophical interests culminated into her launching her own fashion design, art and lifestyle brand, “The Lady Jessica" in July of 2011.